About Naiira Flowers

Have you ever looked at a beautiful flower  bouquet which made you smile and lifted your mood one day, then unfortunately too quickly began to wilt, droop and decay?

Welcome to long-lasting flowers from the team at Naiira Flowers. We bring you luscious, long-lasting preserved flower arrangements and bouquets to delight you for longer than you can imagine! Created by our highly skilled designers, our preserved flowers and foliage will decorate and charm your home, office or workspace for many, many months and even possibly years to come!*

Just like in nature, each flower is unique, meaning each hand-crafted bouquet and flower arrangement is individual – no two are exactly alike!

Our designs are made using the highest quality, Fair Trade freshly picked real flowers and foliage which have been preserved using a special non-toxic biodegradable process that stabilises the flower or leaf at its most radiant and lavish point of growth, to be enjoyed for lasting freshness.


Flowers and foliages are preserved to last for many months or even years* by a patented system of replacing the sap in the plant with a non-toxic and biodegradable mixture of glycerin, water and colourings. This mixture keeps the flowers and leaves moisturised, soft and bright so they both look and feel like they have been freshly cut for a long time, without any need to water or even prune, as you do with regular flowers!

*Every home or workspace environment is different. As Naiira Flowers’ bouquets are made from real flowers and foliage, natural variations always occur and are influenced by how they are kept and maintained, however very little maintenance is required, practically none at all! By reading and following the advice and instructions in the information included with your bouquet and on this site you can extend the life of your arrangement or individual stems even further, from months to years of enjoyment!


First of all, not only do we all appreciate flowers and love to give and receive flowers but they are proven to have a positive effect on boosting our moods and aiding against stress.

Secondly, our expertly preserved fresh-cut flowers will last far, far longer then any other flowers, meaning they are both an economical way and an environmentally friendly way of enjoying flowers because our bouquets will give you many more months or even years of enjoyment – meaning less flowers bought over the year will benefit your pocket and less flowers cut over the year will benefit the health of the planet!

All our bouquets are lovingly handmade by our talented and creative team with much thought and care going into the design.