Our bouquets and flowers require very little care to keep them looking and feeling beautiful and fresh for a long time to come!

By following the advice and instructions below, you can extend the life of your beautiful preserved flowers even further.

1) KEEP AWAY FROM WATER and LIQUIDS – there is no watering needed and water will in fact damage your bouquet and flowers. If using the individual stems and mixing them with others not from Naiira Flowers please do not mix them in a bouquet with fresh flowers but use dry variations instead.

2) KEEP AWAY FROM DIRECT SUNLIGHT – the colour of your flowers will remain brightest if kept out of direct sunlight. In addition, heat from direct sunlight can dry out preserved flowers, so to keep them soft and fresh avoid direct sunlight even on window sills in summer.

3) AVOID EXTREMES of TEMPERATURE – like in nature, any extremes of temperature can damage and will reduce the lifespan of your flowers and foliage. The best temperature is usually room temperature.

4) Be aware of extremes in humidity and dry air. Of course we are all individuals who live in the real world, some of our environments are heated more than others and just like the skin on our faces, preserved flowers may tend to dry out quicker in overly heated surroundings. There is a TIP to soften and rehydrate your flowers if you feel they are drying out in a heated environment by placing them on a completely dry surface in a slightly steamy room (such as a domestic shower room) for 5 minutes. However, be careful NOT to get your flowers or bouquets wet!

5) DUSTING – unfortunately, dust is an annoying fact of life and it will settle anywhere! The best way to remove dust if you feel your beautiful flowers have succumb to a layer of dust settling on them is by giving them a light blowing using a hairdryer on a COOL and GENTLE setting from at least an arms’ distance away. Alternatively, again being very gentle and using a soft feather-like duster which catches dust particles by using soft handed stokes. Be careful not to rub or to be too rough with your flowers!


As with all natural flowers and foliage, rough handling can break and tear delicate leaves and petals. With the flower arrangements, each is individually hand-made using a special design to fix the flowers permanently into their vase therefore the flowers and foliage will not move if touched lightly but will hold their designed shape for the duration of their lifespan. As with all natural products, preserved flowers are all individual and of course natural variations occur.

As flowers have colours added to them in the preservation process, although the colours are non-toxic they can sometimes stain objects if placed touching the flowers. In order to avoid staining of items, please be mindful of nearby fabrics and walls that may come into direct contact with your flowers.