A beautifully delicate handmade bouquet featuring 9 two-toned, mini roses in red and ivory which are nestled in forest green soft leaves. This dainty arrangement of preserved flowers and foliage is set in a spherical antiqued-silver glass vase. Bristly yet flexible red grass phalaris heads blend with the elegantly toned roses. Small bunches of grass grevillea in a deep burgundy hue and cute clusters of tiny burgundy flowers create a wild and rustic look to this stunning bouquet.

Height of bouquet 19cm +/-
Width of bouquet 16cm +/-
Number of roses 9

All flowers and foliage are freshly cut and preserved to last for many months or even years with the correct care. Each bouquet is handmade and individual therefore no two are exactly alike just as in nature. Measurements are approximate and may vary slightly. The arrangement is fixed into the vase to hold its shape.