This beautiful handmade preserved flower arrangement reminiscent of a late summer sunset housed in an elegant cream ceramic boat-shaped dish will decorate your interior long after the summer sun has disappeared. Featuring large bright yellow roses and framed in velvety soft sage-green leaves this neutral rustic arrangement is a perfect centre-piece for any room. Elegant golden roses nestled in wild ivory gypsophila flowers with bristly scabiosa heads and dusty brown grass setaria and ivory gomphrena. Soft yellow hydrangea petals cushion this charming bouquet amongst soft velvety leather leaves.

Length of bouquet 37cm +/-
Width of bouquet 24cm +/-
Height of bouquet 14cm +/-

All flowers and foliage are freshly cut and preserved to last for many months or even years with the correct care. Each bouquet is handmade and individual therefore no two are exactly alike just as in nature. Measurements are approximate and may vary slightly. Flowers and foliage are fixed into the vase permanently and will hold its shape while remaining beautifully soft and natural.